Recycled Journey


Hello and welcome to Green Glass Studio.

I am an upcycler, a lover of all that is old, worn and rustic, a self taught artisan who enjoys, no loves creating jewellery using recycled materials sourced locally from scrap heaps and vintage shops.

I design and make each unique jewellery piece in my studio, a she~shed my special place sheltered underneath a magnificent gum tree. I spend hours and hours, standing most of the day getting lost in a creative world of imagination.

My hands are my most treasured tool, each  piece is sawn, annealed, filed, shaped, hammered, soldered and finally polished by hand. This means I intentionally give love and attention as part of my process.

Copper is my favorite metal to work with, the "holistic" metal, a grounding metal for the human body and spirit, I love the way it feels, its soft and tarnishes beautifully making each piece unique.

My studio is set up as a shop with staple pieces for sale all the time. During the year I work on special collections, keeping my creative juices flowing and providing me the opportunity to experiment with different ideas and designs.

These pieces are available for purchase Online under the heading    STRAIGHT FROM THE BENCH.

My Studio is a working one and I am happy to have visitors to browse and shop. Contact me on my mobile 0488238110 to set up a time that suits us both.

Custom pieces are my absolute favourite, giving preloved pieces a new chapter is incredibly rewarding. I love the story and history, the craftmanship of years long ago. I wonder who the maker was and how the piece was bought and gifted, to me an honour to reimagine and give a new chapter in life.

When I'm not in my studio, I have a beautiful rather large family, with 4 children who have families of their own, and 9 gorgeous grand children who I love to visit and play with.

My inspiration, motivation and purpose are created from a love of nature, my jewellery provides a greener choice, one that values our earth and is kinder to the environment.

Follow my journey and see what's coming and what's been made on Instagram and Facebook.

Small quantities of quality, made from the heart by my hands.

 Enjoy, Love and Cherish them.

x Suez