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Creating an experience is what Green Glass Studio is all about and wearing a handcrafted piece of jewellery is not simply about it’s beauty; it’s about the origins of where the material came from, the intention and new life that it has been given, the experience it has gone through to become what it is today. It reflects our own journey in so many ways, the creative transitions we move through in our own lives and the beauty of who we are through the experiences we have lived through.




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Hand formed elegant Sterling Silver Heart Green Glass Studio

Sterling Silver

Square Vintage Lace Earrings Green Glass Studio


Recycled Coffee Pod Takeaway Cup Kate in Rust Green Glass Studio

Coffee Pod Earrings

What makes your coffee pods special?

Being able to upcycle and recycle has always been a passion of mine, and there are so many items we use on a day to day basis that provide inspiration. 


Those cute little coffee pods that bring us so much joy and delight in the mornings? Well, they can now continue to bring you delight throughout the day with this beautiful range of coffee pod created jewellery!

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Your ideas are sketched and put to paper and our first draft of your new creation starts to come to life…

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I share the journey of your new piece with you right up until the moment it leaves my hands…

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The Story

We all have a story, layers of experiences and decisions weaving to form a picture of our history. Mine started with a love and a passion for all things natural and recycled and took me to my own little studio in the beautiful country town of Young.

I love that every piece of jewellery I create tells a story, every piece has a history and I am simply adding another layer to it’s history, another stamp on its journey.

By bringing your new piece home you are adding yet another layer to its rich and beautiful history…