Meet Susan

…the creative craftmaker behind Green Glass Studio…

Hello and welcome!
Hello and welcome!

Thank you for stopping by and for your interest in my creations.

Green Glass Studio evolved from a love of all things natural and recycled, a passion I have had for many years now, and creating eco art and sustainable fashion accessories is a dream come true.

As with many creatives, I am a self taught artisan. My skill has been born from passion, curiosity and a desire to see what beautiful creations can be made from items that have had a previous life and purpose.

My favourite materials to use are recycled copper (there is just something so beautifully warm and feminine about this metal, not to mention the grounding properties it has on the mind, body and spirit), sterling silver, Italian Murano glass, pearls, leather, gems and crystals. All my pieces are sawn, annealed, filed, shaped, hammered, soldered and finally polished by hand.

I create with intention, every action I take has a purpose and is carried out with a lot of love, a lot of patience and a lot of joy. I find my thoughts often stray to who it may be that I am crafting a particular piece for, perhaps you? I wonder what your life looks like, how you may move through your day, whether you have children, a busy schedule, and whether this piece I am creating may remind you to move a little slower, a little calmer, with a little more peace in your heart. I may not have met you yet but believe me, you were very present in my thoughts as I was creating.

I call the lovely town of Young my home where my hubby and I have raised our four beautiful children. I live on the property with my hubby and am very blessed to work from my gorgeous Green Glass Studio surrounded by natural inspiration. You are welcome to visit, I have my jewellery on display within the studio and you will usually find me here pottering away.

Please take your time moving through the site, looking at my creations. Each one has been hand crafted, each one has had time and love invested into it, now it’s your turn to enjoy what that time, love and skills has created!

Remember, wherever you can, choose a greener creation!

Green vibes always,